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Nexen opens new tire plant in Korea

buy nexen tiresNexen Tire has continued the expansion of their manufacturing capacity, breaking ground on a second plant in Changnyeong, South Korea. The new tire manufacturing plant will increase the company’s South Korean and Chinese production to 60 million units. The need for the new plant reflects increasing market share for wholesale Nexen tires throughout the world.

Nexen officials say the new plant represents a 1.2 trillion won ($986 million USD) investment. Trial production runs should begin in Q4 2011, with full-scale manufacturing expected to begin in March 2012.

Officials also say that the new plant was designed with eco-friendly goals in mind. Cutting edge technology was used to create an automated process that minimizes waste and unnecessary negative impact on the environment.

The company’s most recent plant, in Qingdao, China, opened for business in 2007 to meet increasing global demand for Nexen high performance, passenger, SUV, light truck, and winter tires. Nexen is headquartered in headquartered in Yangsan, South Gyeongsang Province, and Seoul, South Korea.


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