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What kind of tires to buy

buy-new-tiresWhen setting out to purchase new tires for your vehicle, it may be difficult to narrow down the available selection. Obviously, you’ll want to select tires that fit your car or truck, but what else do you need to know before making a final decision? Before buying new tires, go through this list of questions. The answers you come up with should help you highlight your specific needs. The answers will also make it easier for a salesperson to help you find the right tires, since they don’t have to waste time talking about units that you don’t or won’t need.

  1. What type of tires are on your car now? Are they OE (original equipment), snow tires, high-performance, etc?
  2. Do you like your current tires? (Do they provide a smooth ride and sharp handling? Do you like the overall aesthetics?)
  3. Which is more important to you: sharp handling and stop-on-dime deceleration or a smoother ride and long lifespan?
  4. Do you care what your tires look like? If so, what type of look are you going for?
  5. Do you expect service and warranties on your new tires?

The answers to these 5 questions should give you some direction in your search for new tires. Spend some time doing research online or over the phone, then head over to your local tire shop to see what they can order from their wholesale tire dealer. Shops love to work with educated customers since it makes their lives easier. If you do your homework, everyone wins in the end.


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