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Overview: Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/T Radial

Muscle car owners looking for an all-season performance radial have a promising new aftermarket option: the Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/T radial. The tire is designed for high performance handling and rugged old school styling. Speed rated at T (up to 118 mph), the Sportsman S/T is an ideal choice for muscle car owners who need a durable tire that also offers a smooth ride, efficient mileage, and an M&S rated tread pattern. For those who don’t want the white letter look, the S/T radials can be mounted black sidewall facing outwards.

Mickey Thompson is owned by Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., and has been designing and manufacturing racing and high performance tires since 1963.  These new wholesale Mickey Thompson tires are available in 8 popular sizes:

Size Serv.
P225/60R15 95T 23 6.0-8.0 8.6 7.2 25.7
P235/60R15 98T 26 6.5-8.5 9.2 7.6 26.1
P245/60R15 100T 26 7.0-8.5 9.5 8.0 26.6
P215/70R15 97T 26 5.5-7.0 8.7 7.0 26.7
P295/50R15 105S 32 8.0-10.0 12.22 10.1 26.8
P255/60R15 102T 27 7.0-9.0 10.24 8.2 27.0
P225/70R15 100T 27 6.0-7.5 9.1 7.2 27.4
P275/60R15 107T 31 7.5-9.5 10.7 8.9 28.1



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Mickey Thompson launches new video Web site

Mickey Thompson has launched a new interactive online video Web site.

Mickey Thompson has launched a new interactive online video Web site.

Mickey Thompson, a popular manufacturer of performance tires, launched a new video Web site this week. MickeyThompsonTV is an interactive and socially-driven video Web site that allows viewers to watch footage of Mickey Thompson racing events. In addition to the clips provided by the company, users are able to upload their own videos and share them with the online community.

The Web site breaks videos down into categories such as Drag Racing, Off-Road Racing, Shows/Events, and even a Product Info category which introduces viewers to the complete line of Mickey Thompson tires. Users can comment on each video to create fruitful discussions about a variety of racing and tire topics. We look forward to the future of MickeyThompsonTV and encourage you to check out the Web site and upload a video or two of your own.

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