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Continental introduces new bus and RV tire

While most of the new tires being introduced these days are typically for passenger and commercial truck applications, Continental is making its presence felt in the recreational vehicle and regional bus segment of the market. The company has officially introduced its newest RV and bus tire, the HSR2 SA, which is a specialized all-position tire that will be manufactured at the companies Mt. Vernon plant in Illinois.

According to Continental Tire, the new Heavy Regional Steer tire delivers “maximum fuel efficiency on regional roads through advanced tread design and compounding.”

For companies looking for more mileage out of their wholesale truck tires, the HSR2 SA was verified as a low rolling resistance tire by the EPA SmartWay program (when used in line haul steer positions).

“A standard method of travel in Central and South America, bus and rapid transit is rapidly growing in the North American markets as public transportation systems are added and consumers look for ways to reduce their environmental impact,” said Clif Armstrong, CTA’s marketing director for commercial tires. “By completing our product lineup for bus tires with the HSR2 SA, we have introduced our first regional application bus tire for the Americas that will help fleet managers and even RV drivers control their tire and fuel costs.”

Among the novel features of this new tire are:

  • customized tread geometry designed to aid in water evacuation
  • good wet traction
  • reduced stone retention
  • A five-rib tread design and VAI+ visual alignment indicator system to help ensure even wear

The new Continental HSR2 SA is available now from tire wholesalers throughout North and South America in the following sizes:

  • 275/80R22.5
  • 295/80R22.5
  • 315/80R22.5



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Conti HTL1 truck tire is SmartWay approved

A fourth Continental truck tire, the HTL1 wide-based trailer tire, has been approved by the EPA for inclusion in their SmartWay Transport Partnership list. SmartWay Transport is a collaboration between the EPA and the freight sector designed to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions, and improve energy security. Part of this “green list” includes truck tires that meet government standards for low rolling resistance. Low rolling resistance means that less energy is used to overcome friction between the tire and road surface, resulting in less fuel consumption and better gas mileage.

Continental officials remarked: “Based upon data provided by tire manufacturers and EPA testing and research, the EPA determined that certain tire models can provide a reduction in emissions and an estimated fuel savings of 3% or greater… when used on all three axles.”

The other Continental truck tires that made the grade were the Continental HSL2 steer tire, the Continental HDL Eco Plus drive tire, and the Continental HTL Eco Plus.

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Continental announces 5 new truck tires

Continental announced 5 new truck tires that will be manufactured in the U.S.

Continental announced 5 new truck tires that will be manufactured in the U.S.

This year’s Mid-America Trucking show has come to an end, but not before Continental shared some encouraging news regarding the U.S.-based manufacture of 5 new wholesale truck tires. This next generation lineup includes 2 new steer tires, a trailer tire, and a drive tire, as well as a new wide-based trailer tire. The theme of the new lineup seems to be “efficiency,” as most of the new products offer improved mileage and lower overall driving costs.

The five new Continental truck tires are:

  1. HSR2 (heavy steer) regional. Replaces the 7-year old Continental HSR. New tread compound offers a 15% mileage improvement over the older version. Also includes other features such as a patented stone ejection system and a visual alignment indicator which serves as a helpful warning regarding alignment issues.
  2. HDL2 DL (heavy drive long-haul deep lug). Features an inch of tread depth and a wide tread pattern.
  3. HTL Eco-plus (heavy trailer long haul). An eco-friendlier trailer tire that improves fuel economy by 10%.
  4. H2U2 (heavy steer urban). More tread depth and volume than the earlier model, designed primarily for waste haulers and construction fleet owners.
  5. HTL1 (heavy trailer long haul). Wide-based tire designed to replace  two trailer tires.

The new Continental truck tires will be manufactured in the company’s Mount Vernon, Illinois plant – good news for U.S. tire industry workers who have seen reduced manufacturing capacity, plant closings, and layoffs in wake of the current economic crisis. Expect the truck tires to show up in the warehouses of local wholesale tire distributors in the coming months.

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