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Winter weather isn’t letting up – are your snow tires on yet?

wholesale snow tires

The northeastern United States has been positively walloped by snow in the last month, receiving yet another generous helping of the white stuff last night and this morning. For those unlucky enough to have to continue in to work or school, commuting can be extremely dangerous and stressful.

Most original equipment tires are simply not intended to handle snow. If you’re travelling often despite this inclement weather, it really makes sense to invest in some good snow tires. Wholesale snow tires can be stored in your garage during the spring, summer, and fall, and then can be installed inexpensively at your local auto shop when the temperatures start to dip.

So what makes snow tires so special? Most importantly, snow tires have special tread designs that bite into snow and ice. This type of tread design is unnecessary (not to mention noisy) during normal driving conditions, but it provides much-needed traction in the snow. In addition to this special tread design, snow tires are made with a softer rubber compound that that conform to the surface well in low temperatures. Compare that to the harder rubbers used in standard all-season tires, which don’t offer that same flexibility and pliancy.

And remember, if you’re going to put snow tires on your car, make sure to put them in all four wheel positions! Putting them on just the front or just the back negates all of their benefits, and may actually make it harder for you to steer and handle your car.

Be safe out there, and be prepared!


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