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A first look at the proposed NHTSA’s new tire information labels

nhtsa-tire-labelsAs part of the effort to educate consumers about improving gas mileage, the Department of Transportation has unveilved a new labeling system that offers an easy way to compare fuel efficiency, wet traction and treadwear ratings among different tires. These labels, which will be affixed to all tires and clearly visible at the point of sale, are the first ones to include information about a tire’s impact on fuel economy. Mileage ratings are calculated by measuring the rolling resistance of the tire.

In addition to putting the new labels on the tire, consumers will also be able to browse a comprehensive ratings database at The intent behind the new labeling system is to lead consumer’s to make more environmentally-friendly and fuel efficient purchases. This puts pressure on manufacturers to create low rolling resistance models that will appeal to conscious consumers.

“The proposal takes the guess work out of buying the best tires for your vehicle,” says U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. “Our proposal would let consumers look at a single label and compare a tire’s overall performance as it relates to fuel economy, safety and durability.”


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