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National Tire Safety Week: June 7-13

June 7-13 is National Tire Safey Week in the U.S.

June 7-13 is National Tire Safety Week in the U.S.

National Tire Safety Week, taking place this year in June for the first time, is a 7 day nationwide event held to raise awareness about proper tire maintenance and safety practices. This industry event has been sponsored and coordinated by The Rubber Manufacturer’s Association for 8 consecutive years. If you own a wholesale tire business or retail shop, this week is a great time to get involved in the effort to educate your customers. Customers who learn about the importance of tire safety and vehicle maintenance are more likely to use your services, so why not be the one to do the educating?

To get involved during National Tire Safety Week, consider printing up some brochures and reading material for your customers. You can include common tire problems and safety tips that will help them drive safely. To really fuel your marketing efforts, consider buying imprinted tire gauges with your company name and telephone number on them. By giving out a tire gauge to your customers you create a lasting impression and increase the odds that they will remember your company the next time they need to purchase tires or have their vehicle serviced.

“Each year, we continue to see more tire and auto industry retail locations join in the effort to help educate motorists about the benefits of regular tire maintenance,” said Dan Zielinski, RMA senior vice president. “Ensuring that tires are properly inflated every month will save consumers money at the gas pump, help keep tires rolling longer and promote safety.”

For more Tire Safety Week ideas as well as fact sheets and educational material, visit This RMA-run Web site has recent tire safety news, training material and assorted media. Stay proactive this week! Your efforts will give you the competitive advantage over competition who view National Tire Safety Week as “just another week.”


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