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National Be Tire Smart Week (Canada)

Here’s one holiday that every wholesale tire distributor, retailer and manufacturer in Canada is going to be celebrating from May 11-17: National Be Tire Smart Week! During this event, designed to raise awareness about proper tire maintenance, businesses will engage in a widespread consumer education effort to improve both road safety and gas mileage. According to a survey commissioned by the Rubber Association of Canada, almost 70% of vehicles on Canadian roadways have at least one underinflated or overinflated tire. This leads to a significant decrease in fuel efficiency and poses a safety hazard for not only the vehicle owner, but for every other motorist who is forced to share the road with them.

For business or inviduals who want to get involved in the event, visit the Be Tire Smart Web site for some good ideas. For example, you can set up a tire inflation and maintenance schedule for the company’s vehicle fleet, or make donations for local tire safety campaigns. Your involvement in this nationwide awareness event is also a great opportunity to promote your own services. Whether you offer routine auto repair or if you sell tires, Be Tire Smart Week is a good holiday to team up with in order to spread your marketing message.


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