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Overview: Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/T Radial

Muscle car owners looking for an all-season performance radial have a promising new aftermarket option: the Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/T radial. The tire is designed for high performance handling and rugged old school styling. Speed rated at T (up to 118 mph), the Sportsman S/T is an ideal choice for muscle car owners who need a durable tire that also offers a smooth ride, efficient mileage, and an M&S rated tread pattern. For those who don’t want the white letter look, the S/T radials can be mounted black sidewall facing outwards.

Mickey Thompson is owned by Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., and has been designing and manufacturing racing and high performance tires since 1963.  These new wholesale Mickey Thompson tires are available in 8 popular sizes:

Size Serv.
P225/60R15 95T 23 6.0-8.0 8.6 7.2 25.7
P235/60R15 98T 26 6.5-8.5 9.2 7.6 26.1
P245/60R15 100T 26 7.0-8.5 9.5 8.0 26.6
P215/70R15 97T 26 5.5-7.0 8.7 7.0 26.7
P295/50R15 105S 32 8.0-10.0 12.22 10.1 26.8
P255/60R15 102T 27 7.0-9.0 10.24 8.2 27.0
P225/70R15 100T 27 6.0-7.5 9.1 7.2 27.4
P275/60R15 107T 31 7.5-9.5 10.7 8.9 28.1


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