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Falken launches revamped Web site

faken-logo-tireFalken Tire Corporation has launched a re-design of their Web site with an emphasis on multimedia, content, and faster load times. Users can now easily find up to date headlines, product information, videos, and the popular Falken tire fitment guide in one straight-forward, user-friendly interface. Ease of use certainly doesn’t sacrifice aesthetic appeal, which is more eye-catching and entertaining than ever.

“Our goal was to enhance the Web experience of our fans and customers with content that is current, informative and entertaining,” says Falken Director of Marketing Andrew Hoit.

The tire industry has infamous lagged behind others when it comes to adopting new technology. However, it appears that more and more companies are understanding the limitless benefits of creating an online presence for their business. From international manufacturers to local tire shops, businesses are embracing technology and using it to improve the efficiency of their daily operation. Wholesale dealers allow customers to buy wholesale tires online, while companies like Falken recruit distributors with online campaigns. The Falken Web site is just the latest example of the tire industry finally warming up the internet and computer technology in general!


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