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How to recycle old tires


Each year, Americans discard over 290 million used passenger and truck tires. While efforts to reclaim junked tires aim for an 80% recovery rate, the tires that aren’t recycled, re-treaded, or re-used end up in landfills where they pose serious environmental and health risks. Follow these tips to make sure your tires don’t end up in one of these “tire graveyards.”

  • Understand and abide by state regulations. 48 states have official regulations when it comes to recycling scrap tires. To find out information for your state, contact the local department of environmental protection. The Rubber Manufacturers Association keeps an updated list of contact information for these state agencies.
  • When it’s time to replace your tires, work with an environmentally-conscious shop that participates in an official scrap tire management program. Often shops may collect a small fee for each scrap tire they handle. Paying this inexpensive fee (from fifty cents to two dollars per tire) is a great way to ensure that your tires will be dealt with in a responsible fashion once their lifetime of road use has come to an end.
  • You can support tire recycling programs by purchasing products manufactured with recycled rubber from scrap tires. Thanks to the durability of tires, even worn out radials can usually be recycled efficiently into new high-quality products.
  • Do your part to prevent and report the illegal dumping of tires around your home, business, and community. For information about fighting back against this widespread problem, read the EPA handbook about illegal tire dumping.

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